About Us

ZarinZorat co. in one of the subdivision branches of Behshahr industries Development Corp that was established in 2009 in Shahrood city with main purpose to have Corn Wet Milling process to produce Starch, Glucose and the derivatives of corn. The investors’ visions are to guarantee and present the best quality and quantity of products and ensuring to meet the market‘s demand all through the country which has been consistent since the inception of the company. The derivatives of our products are corn oil , corrugated cardboard adhesive and animal feeds which are being produced with best quality, our production has adjusted according to our increasing internal demand , our company has conducted and executed accordingly to meet those demands.

Our skilled and experienced management along with educated staff in ZarinZorat co. have always been stepping towards improvement and merit of our products which is evident in our superior quality and accomplished quantity which we present to the market.