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Zarinzorat Corn Germ

Corn germ provide white to yellow seeds ,it can be a rich source of omega-3s and plays an important role in providing essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins such as E and K. This oil contains high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids and Small amounts of saturated fatty acids. In this regard, it is also very useful for health.

Corn germs are produced by Zarinzorat co. in 30 kg polyethylene bags; it is marketed under the name of. “Ahowan Corn germ”.

Zarinzorat Corn Germ Analysis


Subject Result National Iranian Standard 12343
Moisture 3-6% Max.6%
Protein (free on moisture) Min.12% Min.12%
Crude Fiber Min.12% Min.12%
Crude Fat 45-52% Min.40%
Total Ash (Free on moisture) Max.2% Max.2%
Insoluble ashes in acid(Free on moisture) Max.0.7% Max.0.7%
Lead 0.1% Max.0.5%
Cadmium 0.03% Max0.1%
Aflatoxin Max.1% Max.10%
Escherichia Coli Negative Negative
Mold Max.1x10²cfu/gr Max.5x10²cfu/gr